Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Wampi wearing his Elizabethan collar

The doctors say he needs to wear it to keep him from biting the surgical scars as they heal. He looks like he hates it, but he seems to be tolerating it really well. I swear he looks like he's almost smiling in this picture!

Two more donations came in ... $25 & $65. Thank you Lily and Sandra! The donation section to the right is updated.

My neighbor Judy signed Wampi's cast tonight and that gave me an idea. "Friday Cast Call" ... I'm going to write down the first names of all the donors on Wampi's cast and post the picture of his cast on Fridays. He'll get his cast changed about every 2 weeks, maybe once a week so the names will keep changing. If you are a DONOR, RECYCLER, OR A WAMPI SUPPORTER IN GENERAL just email me or leave a comment here with your first name and state, and I'll add it to the cast so you can see it on Friday!

I figure decorating his cast with the the first names of "Friends of Wampi" might cheer him and me up ... besides, it's a reminder of how beautiful and generous people can be.

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