Saturday, June 17, 2006
Wampi - One Year Later

Here's Wampi on June 4, 2006 exactly one year after someone threw him off the roof of a 6-story apartment building.

He's doing great!

Remember how he looked after the surgery? His hair was shaved on his legs and he looked so skinny ... well, he's really fluffed out now. I call Wampi "fluffers" sometimes and he actually responds! =)

Way to go, Fluffers, er, I mean, Wampi!

Wampi is doing awesome. He gained weight, fluffed out, and really mellowed a lot ... he's not as scared of things as he was right after the accident. I'm hoping some of those bad memories have started to fade a bit.

As far as his leg goes he seems to be great. He never got the second surgery on his second leg and they said that leg would probably be lame. It's not. It healed and he can walk really well on it. When he tries to run, his back legs sort of "splay out" which is noticible from behind, but not from the front. If he goes to fast (which he likes to do) his back legs will slip out from under him and he'll fall over but nothing serious. Also, he's adapted to his handicapp and can climb over baby gates by pulling his body up by his front two legs. It is amazing! As he's gained weight, it's harder on him and sometimes he hangs on the gate and meows until I come by and let him in the room he is trying to enter.

Well, I'll be posting more pics over the summer since I'm not working two jobs right now, going to school and taking care of a baby full-time. My jobs are on hold until school starts at the end of August; ditto with school; and Avalon is at day care during the bulk of the week days freeing me up to write my dissertation! I am planning to finish and defend my thesis this coming spring. I can't wait to graduate after so many years.

Anyway, stay tuned for more pics. I can't promise them every day, but I'll do them much more often than before and probably on writing breaks. =)

Have a great summer everyone!
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