Sunday, June 19, 2005
Why are there ads on this blog?
Some people have asked me why did I put ads on Wampi's blog. Well, the answer is simple. I hope to make some money to help pay off Wampi's vet bill which is in the ballpark of $5,000. Some people have made PayPal donations, others have sent cans my way ... but the other simple way to help is to visit this site's sponsors.

Thanks again to all you good-hearted people out there ... after what happened to Wampi, I was so disheartened. But so many people have opened themselves up and expressed concern ... and are helping! THANK YOU ... THANK YOU ... THANK YOU.

UPDATE 7/19/05: Due to malicious ad-clickers I have suspended the Google Ads. If you want to help out, consider donating through PayPal (it accepts credit cards too), recycling cans, bottles, old cell phones (, or just giving up your cafe latte at Starbucks for a day and sending the money to Wampi. Check out my E-Bay auctions in the sidebar too.

I may put some ads back on the site later, but for now until I can make sure that they won't be abused, is AD FREE.

UPDATE 8/9/05: I put some CrispAds on the page at the bottom of the sidebar, but if it looks like anyone is abusing them I will pull it right away to conserve the account. Please don't abuse my ads!!!
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