Saturday, June 11, 2005
Quick Wampi update
Wampi had his surgery yesterday and I brought him home tonight. I got him set up in a small dog cage because he has to stay as still as possible for the next 2 months so his bones can heal correctly from the surgery. I'll post more later with all the details (I have to take care of the baby now ... she's teething) but basically they put a steel plate in the leg with the really bad break. The other leg probably should have had surgery, but they said it could probably heal on its own. I took out a loan and got a small grant but even with all that, it couldn't cover the care of another leg.

So Wampi is home ... all bandaged up and on his way to recovery. Now, we have to raise the money to pay off the surgery bill and we need money for his follow up care.

More later. Avalon needs me now!
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